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Hello, Lauren.

I do not feel like I am progressing. The last month I have not been able to do candida stuff because I was doing a parasite cleanse. Though I have been on the diet the whole time. This pass week I started adding coconut oil and garlic back in because I stopped taking the parasite cleanse. It seems to help sinus pressure and some pain but nothing seems to last. I am wondering if I am doing something wrong. I kind of feel lost right now on what problem to tackle, candida, parasite, or h pylori.

I’ve written the following several times on the forum before, Lauren; there is no reason why you cannot treat Candida and parasites at the same time. In fact, this is exactly what you should have been doing all along.

When I was taking Brenda Watson candida cleanse and parasite cleanse I was have a lot of die off. Especially on the Candida cleanse I was totally exhausted and zero energy level. I had more die off on this then with the coconut oil and garlic. With the parasite cleanse would make my muscle twitch and jaw kill. I have been taking mastic gum for h plyori and it seems to help with pressure in my sinus and in my head in general and ear twitching.

It doesn’t sound to me like you’ve seriously followed the protocol on the forum which Raster and I designed for an extended length of time. Have you read the entire protocol yet?

I also have been eating peppers this whole time on the diet because they never gave me problems, meaning I never react to them. They have never made me feel bad at all, but I have never been symptom free. Does this mean I should not be eating peppers?

There are several types of peppers, describe the types that you’ve been eating, color, etc.

I am planning on totally redoing my candida program, supplements, everything, but I want to tackle the biggest issue first, which I thought was parasites. I guess I am just totally confused what to do and just need to vent a little and maybe get guidance.
Also I think it is important to make sure my h plyori is fixed, but that means another stool test that cost a lot of money, just to see if this problem is gone and if not I will have to take antibiotics and then pay for another stool test. I also need to get a stool test for parasites done which is more money.

My doctor has no idea what to do and pushed me onto another doctor that has no idea either.

I wonder why I’m not at all surprised that your doctor has given up. Maybe because I’ve heard that on the forum so many times before.

Tell me whether or not you’ve tried the protocol ‘exactly as it is written’ and for how long, Lauren, and I’ll answer your question.