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I was also thinking of possible starting the diet with a the cleanse but I am so hungry as is. I also really would not like to lose any more weight. I am around 108 now. The thing is parasites will eat my food source like candida. I know the cleanse and the protocol here will help with my candida but I am afraid that if I go on the cleanse my body will not be getting the nutrients it needs because the parasites will not be effected. I know I need to buy D. Earth food grade product. It just all the other supplement I have to buy is a lot of money and I am try to do all I can with what I have. Plus it is very hard for me to make sure I buying the correct thing. I worry even if it says food grade because there usually no direction stated on how to use for humans. For example:
It just seems like this is not the right thing but it say food grade. Raster is there a certain brand you have tried?