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Hi, Dani. Welcome to the forum.

Wow, what a good question about the beans. The first thing I wondered was, how long have you been in phase 1 of the diet? Personally, I can’t see why a small portion of the beans wouldn’t be ok, nevertheless this should definitely be a ‘test’ food. If I wanted to try them, I’d have a very small portion and wait about a week to see if you’re going to have any reactions to it. If not, I’d still have them maybe only once or twice a week in small portions, but that’s just me, use your own judgment combined with how you feel after trying them.

The coconut flour I started a month or so into the diet. Even at this time I still do not eat simple carbs at all and very few complex carbs – or red meat, and this is after over six months of starting phase 1 diligently – and I plan to stay where I am. So for quite some time now I’ve eaten baked foods made with coconut flour on a daily basis. I think you’ll be pleased, and satisfied, with everything you make with the coconut flour.

Cinnamon contains antifungal properties so it’s fine during phase 1 as well as any other time.