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The color could have something to do with the cleanse you’re on since it wasn’t the case before.

Undigested foods during a Candida infestation is caused by leaky gut syndrome. People normally heal their leaky gut problems as they cure the Candida. It would be very difficult to heal as long as you have the overgrowth in your intestines and stomach.

The information below was taken from my post on leaky gut and IBS.

Leaky gut normally causes inflammation, for this you should build up the intestinal flora by using probiotics as well as prebiotics such as soft fibers like rice bran, oat bran and inulin or FOS.

Yucca root contains a good intestinal anti-inflammatory agent

Turmeric is good for pathogenic bacteria in the intestines that contribute to the inflammation.

Quercetin along with certain other flavonoids can inhibit the release of histamine and inflammatory mediators. If this is taken before a meal it has the potential of blocking allergic reactions which can increase the permeability of the intestinal walls.

L-glutamine is one of twenty known amino acids. Its capabilities of contributing to the cure of leaky gut syndrome are well documented.
Certain people, however, should not use this amino acid; these are people who suffer from liver or kidney conditions and anyone who suffers from Reye’s disease. Follow directions and dose suggestion on the container.

The Adrenals
Since they control inflammation, it’s a good idea to build up the adrenal glands.

Anyone who either contracts a Candida infestation is probably suffering from a low acting immune system, which only makes curing the infestation more difficult. The immune system also needs to be in top working form in order to prevent allergic reactions from happening with both Candida and during strong die-off episodes.

Adrenal Drainers, Boosters and Supports:
Stress is one of the major causes of a low immune system as well as the reason that the adrenals can be difficult to heal.

Stress Helpers are: Pantethine, acetyl-l-carnitine and carnosine
These nutrients provide special stress-reducing nutrients which support the adrenals, help to calm emotional stress, and boost nerve function, mental performance, and mood.

Caffeine has a negativ effect on the adrenals. Inducing stress in the body causes adrenal fatigue which in turn leads to a low immune system. One weak cup of coffee daily is probably not going to cause any major problems unless your adrenals are already extremely weak to begin with. This is because, as the adrenals become weaker this decreases the ability of the body to deal with stress responses. This in turn leads to more stress and further weakening the adrenals. You can see how this can become a downward spiral if the adrenals are not strong enough to rebound from the times of being overworked.

You can help balance stressed adrenals and heal them with the following nutrients from supplements as well as from food sources: acetyl-l-carnitine, natural vitamin C sources, pantothenic acid (B5) sources and adaptogenic herbs.

Some of the adaptogenic herbs are:
One of the very best is Ashwaganda. Others are Asian and American ginseng, and licorice root, and of course there are others.

NOTE: Before you take any herb you should consider any other supplement or prescription drug interaction. If you are using any prescription drug you should consider consulting with your physician before taking an herb.