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Latka wrote: I agree with mygutleaks, that different things work for different people. I think it is important to keep this in mind, just because something worked for you does not automatically mean it will work the same way for me. Every case is different and there is so much to consider. I appreciate reading the different inputs because I know that I will have to figure out for myself what needs to be done. Following the protocol left me a lot worse, the probiotis being the worst of my mistakes. That is not to say that the protocoll won’t work for someone else, just that it did not work for me. And so I must keep on searching for my own solutions. In this search the information on this forum has been very helpful (especially when there are conflicting viewpoints as they get me to consider things in new ways).

Yes, I agree, but not fully, as enema’s should work for everyone.

– The main body of candida is in the colon
– Enema’s using powerful anti fungal or anti pathogen subtances destroy and remove those colonies
– Candida is gone

After that, the side issues and cause of dysbiosis can be adressed way easier, for everyone. A lot of people are suffering and wasting money needlessly. I was hesitant about the idea of enema’s at first, until I tried it and found out its really easy, safe and effective, and it makes me feel great. I quit supplements, I quit the diet 2,5 months ago, and am improving fast.