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Hi, I can’t do dairy either. Just got my water k. grains in March, haven’t really been drinking it though. Doesn’t seem to fizz no matter what I try. Still seems too sugary to me, and I don’t want to risk drinking it. But, still working with it.

Don’t know what the sf722 is? Able told me to get Innate Probiotics. I ordered them and am taking them now. I think they are helping cause my yeast infection seemed to be coming back, w/ bv too. But now not as bad. I still have a little itchiness sometimes. I’ve started to use a little coconut oil and that seems too help a lot!!!

I’m sorry I don’t know much and can’t help you more! I know it is frustrating. Just stick to Able’s diet and pray like crazy for the Lords help! 😉
The diet has REALLY helped me!! I’m getting better!! I can’t believe it!! Maybe someday we can do dairy again?! I tried just a little ghee and before the day was out my skin was itching like crazy. So be careful. I just keep saying, “it’s not worth it”.

A little bit of suffering is worth the reward!! 🙂

Hope you feel better soon!

PS. Able also told me not to start Probiotics and Kefir at the same time. So, I chose the probiotics till
I can fix my kefir right. 🙂