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Faith wrote: Hi, I can’t do dairy either. Just got my water k. grains in March, haven’t really been drinking it though. Doesn’t seem to fizz no matter what I try. Still seems too sugary to me, and I don’t want to risk drinking it. But, still working with it.

Don’t know what the sf722 is? Able told me to get Innate Probiotics. I ordered them and am taking them now. I think they are helping cause my yeast infection seemed to be coming back, w/ bv too. But now not as bad. I still have a little itchiness sometimes. I’ve started to use a little coconut oil and that seems too help a lot!!!

I’m sorry I don’t know much and can’t help you more! I know it is frustrating. Just stick to Able’s diet and pray like crazy for the Lords help! 😉
The diet has REALLY helped me!! I’m getting better!! I can’t believe it!! Maybe someday we can do dairy again?! I tried just a little ghee and before the day was out my skin was itching like crazy. So be careful. I just keep saying, “it’s not worth it”.

A little bit of suffering is worth the reward!! 🙂

Hope you feel better soon!

PS. Able also told me not to start Probiotics and Kefir at the same time. So, I chose the probiotics till
I can fix my kefir right. 🙂


There is something that is missing. When I first started making water kefir mine was similar to how you describe it. I could see big bubbles when it was fermenting, but when I drank it it just was not like carbonated water, more like flat lime soda and a bit too sweet for comfort. I searched online for many different receipes and I found one that works 1/2 cup grains, 4tbsp of white sugar, 2tbsp of coconut crystals, and six cups of boiled water(15 minutes boiled) and combine the sugar when it is hot not boiling but hot. I also bought a huge 3 litre glass jar, I put a towel on it with an elastic band but pull part of the towel so there is tons of fresh air but make it so that bugs can’t get into it. After the first batch of brewing it this way, it is carbonated like 7-up, first fermentation 48hrs with fresh air and second fermentation without the grains in a sealed jar, that should work for you. I add a slice of ginger to it which the bacteria just love, the fizzing is insane when I do that, the jar becomes hard to open. The ginger makes it taste like tasty pop similar to lime soda.