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Asides from the minor hassle of making 2-3 individual orders it seems to me there no real point in taking this risk of doing it in one order, surely? Just on the basis that if they do charge add ons I would be at risk of paying £7-15 more more overall than the 2-3 orders I would make per say.

Yes this is true if your only buying a few items that you can make in 2 orders both under £15, but if you order lots and lots of stuff then all those $6 dollar shipping charges start adding up. I sometimes order 8 or more items in one go so if i kept it all under £15 and made around 6 separate orders then that’s an extra $36 that i basically don’t have to spare so for me i just take the risk. Also it will probably be only a matter of time before you need to purchase an item that’s over £15 and either can’t find in the UK or the price is so much more in the UK that you may as well just take the risk and even if you do end up paying custom charges you’ll still be saving money.

I’m really not entirely sure why UK prices for vits are so high. I remember reading along time ago that it’s partly because most vits are made abroad outside the EU like the US so they have to pay crazy custom fee’s just to get them here and so the customer picks up the tab. If it wasn’t for iherb then the high UK prices would be crippling me, i struggle as it is.

I suppose I am being instructed to use this form of delivery being “Global Priority Mail by DHL — $6.00” rather than “DHL Express- International — $11.31” as that would be pretty ruddy expensive with 3 orders!

Yes Global Priority Mail is the new name for international airmail it should be Royal mail that delivers the order to you door though not DHL. If you choose DHL Express then expect to pay high customs and other charges

all the best 🙂