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Iv’e been using iherb for 3 years now, from the UK. It’s the first place i go when looking for herbs, vits etc i even buy toiletries off their such as shaving soap, toothpaste, soap, mouthwash all free from nasty chemicals.

As for the shipping, yes choose international airmail and the tax levy is £15, but the thing is i very regularly place orders for the maximum of $80 and i was never charged with customs fee’s once for around 2 years. This changed last april when all of a sudden all my orders over £15 where getting added on fee’s and couldn’t get my order off royal mail until i had paid it, which was like a nightmare considering how much i rely on the site. But more recently iherb changed International airmail to be delivered to the UK by DHL and then passed on to Royal Mail once it’s here, and since then i’ve tested the new system 3 times by placing orders over £15 and i haven’t been charged anything extra at all. I just hope it continues like this.

I suppose it’s still a risk, but so far so good for me. 🙂