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Vegan Catlady
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M;54712 wrote: @Vegan Catlady,

It was an incredible experience, and one I’m profoundly grateful for. I’m definitely going back at some point. I haven’t finished with aya yet, and would like to go deeper next time in terms of visions and insights. The first three ceremonies were basically about purging, out of both ends, along with some insights that kind of told me that I need to put a name to my illness because once you name something you can then conquer it. I also read elsewhere that the very act of naming an illness has a healing effect. This has led me to conclude that I need to undertake some specific testing to see what strain of candida I’m suffering from. I’ve had basic testing for candida albicans twice before and both times it came back negative although I’m not sure how effective or accurate the tests were. I’ve read that the candida immune complexes test is supposed to be a good one so I’m going to look into that.

I truly believe that I cleared out a lot of crap from my system, and the fact that I was able to relax and spend some quiet time in a jungle setting with a group of nice people, along with some delicious and healthy natural food really contributed to my improved situation. On the other hand, I’m concerned that I may have negated some of that healing by pigging out after I left the retreat. I’m wondering what would have happened if I’d stuck to the strict diet a little longer. It just seems weird that during my travels I felt pretty good, and the moment I get back home and eat I came down with some brain fog and started feeling a little funny. Is it just a coincidence? Or was it just a matter of time?

I like your idea of cleaning out the organs/glands. That certainly could be beneficial. Which herbs would you recommend?

Peru is an amazing place, so of course I’d highly recommend it.

I definitly see the value in naming the illness.
It serves the purpose of moving forward, and creating a timeline. Hard to gain momentum on a nebulous surface! Atleast in the physical,lol.

I wouldnt get too lost in the specifics though…just like naming can push a journey, I know from experience that details can glue you to the spot…over thinking, getting complicated.

Sounds like you were keeping it simple in the jungle.

Sigh. I wish that on myself.


Herbs work really well on a light,hydrating diet.
Glands and organs cant recoup if they are working hard. Its like going on vacation, but bringing your work with you.

Apparently we can pee without our kidneys really filtering well. If our adrenal are over-worked,shriveled little raisins ( or maybe just mine are?) then no amount of medicine is going to help. they need to be brought back to health,too.
I am using “Gaia Herbs” now, and Dr Morse’s “God’s Herbs” soon to replace Gaia.
Google the formulas, maybe your taking something similar to them now?

This candida was a gift, to truly put my health first as a symbol of self-worth.
I wonder how many people here, dealing with candida, are in the middle of life-changing perception. Realizing their value and gaining self esteem by being forced to slow down and feed the body instead of the ego.

Where do you focus “here” that you were completely not focusing on in the jungle?
Is there a theme your mind is always on?

Im thinking its likely that pigging-out when you came back was only a trigger, but not the reason candida came back,if it even did. It could just be that you felt out-of-sorts throwing a bunch of “less than great” food into a super-clean system.
Are you sure the candida is back?

I look forward to hearing more about your insights.

I have chatted with Dr Brien Foerster on FB about Peru…he has me fascinated with it. The elongated skulls of Peru have been an obsession of my artwork for years.

Hope you dont have to wait too long to visit again.