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Eating yogurt on a Candida diet isn’t as difficult as it may seem. Of course all yogurts will contain a certain amount of sugar because of how it is made. However, Oikos Organic Greek Yogurt is sold at many health food stores as well as most Walmart stores, and is just one brand that does not contain ‘added’ sugar in the ingredients. This is the type of yogurt to look for. Be sure to start out eating yogurt or anything else that’s new very, very slowly as it may cause Candida reactions in the beginning. Two teaspoons is satisfactory as a test the first day you eat it. If you receive a Candida reaction to it, you could wait another week and then try it again. If you are able to tolerate it, after two days having two teaspoons full, you could raise the amount to three teaspoons and continue to raise it daily from there.

As far as organic meats are concerned, yes, they are more expensive, but the reason that we suggest it is because non-organic meats as well as chicken contain antibiotics and hormones which are not good for even a healthy person but especially someone with Candida. There is also a difference in what the animals are fed.

Many people cannot afford to purchase organic meats all the time; in this case, choosing organic eggs is a good and less costly substitute. Keeping boiled eggs on hand at all times and using them both for a meal or snacks is an easy way to take care of the hunger. Eating less meat, even if it’s not organic, is something that you might try.

You made the comment, “There is just so much info, and it’s all rather conflicting & confusing.” You could start posting to the forum the comments that you find conflicting or confusing, someone with their own experience will address the issue for you. No one who knows what they’re talking about is going to tell you that this is a short, easy trip. It’s a full-time job which takes dedication, and if you manage to cure yourself of Candida, it’s because you took it seriously and did the work.

As far as thinking that you need to work on changing your way of thinking and viewing Candida is concerned, perhaps reading about the numerous and horrific health problems which can and do occur when Candida reaches the stage of poisoning your entire body would do the trick. If you want to read a few of these stories, just ask.

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