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About the organic yogurt, the sugar content will still be listed; however, it isn’t necessary for the grams to be over two digits. For example, Oikos brand contains 9 grams per serving. I believe that Activia contains much more than that, so I would leave it alone.

If you wish to find a good source for fish, take a look at Vital-Choice’s website. This is where I purchase all of the fish I eat. The fish they market are free of hazardous levels of mercury. This is because they only market species that are known to be inherently low in mercury content. The other thing to think about is eating younger fish which have less of a chance of having any mercury content at all, such as herring and sardines.

If you’re going to try and eat more eggs and like egg salad, let me know and I’ll post a recipe for you that’s healthier and Candida friendly.