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Hi Maymichellee,

I have yoyo’d for about a year trying out a variety of different approaches to battling my candida, it’s only when I finally committed myself to doing this for “as long as it takes”, that I’ve finally stuck to it for a decent amount of time. Every time I decided I should be well enough to eat how I wanted, the disappointment and discomfort of my symptoms coming back gave me the drive to try again.
I now feel better than I have in a long time, and it’s lovely not to feel tired all the time. I know I still have a fair while of work ahead of me, but I can see some light at the end of the tunnel.

I didn’t cut all foods out immediately, purely because my diet has changed with my research, and I am always reading new ideas & information.
Maybe you could gradually work your way onto the full diet, do you think that might help you stick to it? Cut out all yeast products, fruit & dairy first, then grains and the starchy veg when you’re ready.

Read up on foods you CAN eat rather than can’t, it’s much better for you psychologically.

Have you looked into what foods you can buy online? Can you get an organic meat and/or veg box delivered?
Buying a whole chicken and taking the meat off the bone is a more economical way of buying it (there’ll be videos on line if you want to learn how to do it)
Do you eat fish? I’ve been trying some cheaper fish that’s available and some of it’s really nice.

I hope that when you start to feel the benefits, that will be enough to encourage you to commit to it fully, it really will be worth the effort.