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maymichellee wrote:
Did you/are you doing the cleanse before starting stage one? I attempted, but I just can’t handle the liver flush drink – any suggestions? Would it be okay just to do one of those colon cleanse kits?

I did my version of the cleanse, taken from a mix of my research.
For a week I had a fresh veg juice for breakfast, raw soup for lunch and then dinner was a raw salad (for the first few nights I had one of fish, millet or quinoa with this) and nuts as snacks.
After a week I did a juice fast (2 ltr fresh veg juice throughout the day)
The following day I did a water fast (this was a tough day, I did nothing all day!)
The following day I had just juice again.
I then went back on juice, soup and salad, adding fish, meat and some grains back in.
Working into it slowly meant it was so much easier to stick to, and I only started to feel REALLY hungry when I was reintroducing more foods, it was then very difficult to control myself!

I did the liver flush a couple of times, but really couldn’t take it either. I did an enema every day of the fasts and then a few days after, this made me feel better about not having the flush.
I am now having (every morning for the last week) chopped garlic, a whole lemon juiced, ginger juice (grate & squeeze out the juice), 3 tsp olive oil, 1 tsp bentonite clay, 1 tsp psyllium husks.
All the ingredients ar supposed to be really good for detoxing your liver, and the concoction is much more palatable. I’m ‘happy’ to have this for another few weeks.

I hope this helps 🙂