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There is just so much info, and it’s all rather conflicting&confusing! I guess this is going to full of a lot of trial and error.

Does it have to be organic meat? It’s a bit expensive, at least what I have seen is. Also, where in the world do I find yogurt that has no sugar?? I have checked Lowe’s Food and Walmart – nothing. I have read that the brand “La Yogurt” is unsweetened, but I haven’t found it. Is there a certain store I should go to? What brands do I need to look for? I know I need to go to Whole Foods, but it’s a hour away. I’m trying to find things as close as possible to me.

You would think the idea of being pain free, healthier, and happier would be appealing enough, but I am so use to feeling yucky, I just deal with it! I need to work on changing my way of thinking and viewing this!