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dvjorge wrote:

Hi guys,

for days now I suffer from internal tremors. With the eye one cant see the shaking but I feel it in me. It must be a part of my vegetative nervous system. It feels terrible annoying. I had this ones before and then 2 month nothing of it and I was sure it was do to another candida diet I was doing. There I was eating meat and fat and nearly no carbs at all. Now after 2 month on this diet I have the tremors now for three days and I wonder if there is a Malnutrition possible?

I wonder if you guys experience such a thing. Then I want to add that I am extremely sensitive to the touch. When someone touch me I get a real chock in my body. Extremely high strung. I was never like that before and wonder if you guys experienced such a thing. What can that come from. Is that die-off???

And it cant be ammonium because I hardly eat any meat any more.



During my hard battle to end with my severe infection, I stuck with a very strict diet 2 times. I was decided to die or to eradicate this monster and went to a metabolic shut down both times. The anticandida diet isn’t a healthy diet. It is necessary but it can not be hold for long time stressing the body in this way. At the end, the diet won’t cure it, even if you live with water only. This is an immune problem, and the immune system needs to re-activate to end with CRC. Of course, the diet is important, probably the most important part of the protocol, but the extremes will cause more damage than good. Keep in mind that some people have a mild candida overgrowth, or not at all. Many people what really have is SIBO and no candida. Sibo responds to a low carbohydrate diet and natural bactericidals such as GSE, Garlic, Oregano Oil, etc. People who have more severe overgrowth are those who have taken long antibiotic rounds. The anticandida diet was created by Dr. Truss in order to help the antifungal therapy to eliminate the fungus, but the same Dr. Truss have said it isn’t a healthy diet and need to be adjusted according to the patient progress.

I hear you mate. The problem is only what to do in my case. I am sure I had it all my life and it got out of hand. How do I strengthen the immune system that it can take care off the problem itself. I dont want to battle all the time 24 hours, I like to hand the problem over to my immune system but how? Then I wonder what should be so bad on the diet? Its more green than most people eat. They eat junk food and drink coke and still dont have candida. But healty is it not what they do.
I dont drink,dont smoke, have sauna, drink lots of water and no sofdrinks, eat greens, little meat and if I eat meat its fish. How can that be unhealthy? I don’t take drugs or pre-scripted drugs either. I should be in health heaven now preaching people why I feel so good. But when I look around the people giving a rats ass about health have a better times than I. Here I dont mean the fun of eating but the fitness of their bodies. It must be the immunesystem of them doing a better job than mine. Now, how do I do now?

But if my immune system is fucked up I should be sick all the time with flue and shit like that but I am not. I am actually the only one in the family getting very rarely sick. I sometimes thought I would have a over active immunesystem fighting everything and therefore I am not sick but have allergies.????

Any thoughts on that?

thank you!