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Eczema is indeed a detox problem and I think that you should focus on that. Just follow the advice of raster.
I’d also include some fruits in low amounts, because they are quite important if you want to detox. My opinion is that you should never remove fruits from the candida diet, but I understand that there are others that think differently about it. Apricots might be a good start.
Try no to combine carbs with protein, because they need different enzymes to be processed.
Antifungals only suppress the yeast infection somewhat, but they are not a game changer unless you have an accute infection. The antifungal that works best for me is caprylic acid. You can also use extra virgin coconut oil. I wouldn’t recommend probiotics since they are very expensive, but it depends on your budget and the severity of your case.
I don’t want to start another war on this forum, but bipolar disorder is quite common for people with mercury poisoning. This is also true for depression, anxiety and similar disorders. Mercury impairs your body’s immune system and makes it susceptible for viral infections, yeast overgrowth and even cancer.