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Naturegirl27 wrote: What about lemon juice in water? Have you tried that?

Has anyone here heard of “hemp hearts”?

Lemon water is the main ingredient of the detox that most of the forum members use.

There are several posts on the forum concerning hemp hearts, here’s just one comment.
Seeds can contain mold, plus seeds produce mucus which is already a problem which accompanies a Candida infestation; so seeds of any type are better left alone for several months. However this, as with everything else on the forum is just another suggestion which means that it’s up to the individual as to whether or not he wants to test the food in question. You could try it for a few days if you need to, and watch to see if your mucus production increases or you experience any other allergic reaction, if so, I would leave it alone for the time being.”

You may want to take the time to read a few posts so that you’ll know what the forum is already aware of and discussed.

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