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Shannon29 wrote: I have not started the activated charcoal, but I am experiencing severe die off and am up to 1200 mcg of moybdenum a day. I’m also taking milk thistle and dandelion root tea to help get the toxins out. I also have issues with constipation. Is bentonite clay better? I have read some conflicting info so clarification would help. Thanks Able!

Activated charcoal absorbs vitamins and minerals and washes them from your body. There are safer ways of ridding your body of the toxins. The safest ways are Molybdenum Amino Acid Chelate, Candidate made by Native Remedies, milk thistle for the liver, saunas, long soaks in hot tubs, and drinking lots of water.

I read that you’ve been on the diet for a month, is that correct? It’s very unusual to experience severe die-off for an entire month; or are the symptoms not occurring every day?

What’s the brand name of your molybdenum? Send a link to the brand if you can.

Which diet are you on, the website’s or the stricter version?