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Kris8;29509 wrote: I use the brand trace minerals “electrolyte stamina”. however I dont like the idea that this is a cure all. I think it is misleading. Yes you need them but more importantly you should be asking why you arent getting them from your diet. Of course athletes (such as I was) need more but it is not a cure all. Vitamins are supplements and meant to supplement your diet. If you arent absorbing them then thats what you need to focus on. The truth is that most diseases are actually caused by poor neurology not lack of trace minerals. This man was an athlete and most people on here probably were not. His body most likely was not overweight or sluggish. Its a good point you make but again misleading and could give people false hope.

Doing a hair analysis can help you to determine which vitamins you need – not watching a video. Everyone is different. also Energy testing a simple technique to learn will help you determine dosages.

I hear you Kris. Unfortunately a lot of us do not want to do testing because of financial reasons but we should all consider getting tested for nutrient, mineral, and vitamin deficiencies. I’ve mentioned this over and over on the forum.

Supplementing your diet with minerals and vitamins has no detriment from my standpoint and if your body does not need them then it simply won’t absorb them. Taking some vitamins when you are deficient can only bring a benefit. I guarantee you that almost everyone in this forum is deficient in minerals, its very difficult to get them all from the foods we eat.

How would you know if you are deficient in minerals? Well if you listened to the video, he explained how he had sore/stiff joints and bones. I think many of use experienced this during our treatment (like myself) and it completely reduced or went away once I started supplementing myself with minerals. Other indications that you need minerals include getting a lot of cavities and tooth pain or experiencing hair loss. I had both of these problems and now I am much better. Your finger nails, hair, and toe nails should also grow fairly rapidly but mine were stunted maybe at half the natural rate.

Here’s a good list of deficiencies and the vitamins/minerals you need to heal them: