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Noone has alot of money for any of this and it feels like a curse. To start, if your able to grow some or all of your own vegetables without any pesticides would help. If not, find a market with the lowest prices and buy a little at a time. Buy as much garlic if you can and chop it up and eat it raw. You can put it on anything. It would be great to have a few hens for eggs. Eggs should be fairly cheap to buy where your at. No dairy products. The costly things are the supplements and probiotics. If you can buy even one. Look for a wellness/health store that may be able to help you piece together what you can afford. It may take longer to heal though but its a start. You say this is a bad case so have your boyfriend follow the strict diet as best possible and get what supplement(s) you can. Educate yourself about this condition and you will be less likely to get ripped off. Its a long road for anyone with yeast overgrowth just do your best.