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Hello, Johnny.

Quote: I have lost weight and don’t feel lethargic anymore. But my skin overall has become super-dry.

Reply: The coconut oil should actually prevent the skin from becoming extra dry. Dry and/or flaky skin is a symptom of a Candida infestation. The symptoms take on different form throughout the treatment, meaning you can lose one symptom but gain a total different one. You might try rubbing coconut oil into a skin section which is very dry to see if that helps.

Quote: But this time I feel like I am not seeing a change as quickly as during the first month and a half. Still on the stage one diet….

Reply: You’ve lowered the numbers of the number, and unless you start eating foods that will raise the numbers again, they should stay at this number and the symptoms of die-off will probably remain less severe. This isn’t a bad sign, just a sign that what you’ve done so far is good.

Quote: So can one have too much coconut oil?

Reply: Normally, a sign that your system can’t handle the amount of coconut oil you’re ingesting is a problem in the stomach area.

Quote: The only other thing that I changed in my diet a couple of weeks ago is I started taking a tsp of sesame oil which has worked very well as a laxative. But now I am not losing weight as fast.

Reply: That’s because you’re now obtaining extra calories with the extra oil. Not losing weight is actually beneficial to your health, that is of course unless you need to lose it.