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Do we have to make sure we don’t eat the same foods two days in a row?

I don’t know where that idea originally came from or why, unless it concerns the possibility of becoming allergic to foods. But if you have leaky gut syndrome which causes the allergies, every time you eat, no matter what you’re eating or when you ate it last, you’re still taking a chance on contracting another allergy to the food. And as I’ve pointed, it doesn’t matter when you last ate the food because leaky gut is caused by food, “any” food, getting into the bloodstream via the gut. This is what causes the allergies, and not the actual food itself and not whether or not you’ve eaten it once or four times in the past 24 hours. To rephrase this; when you eat with leaky gut, you will “always” be taking a chance that an allergy is forming as the food goes into your digestive tract regardless of the type of food you’re eating.

I ate the very same food every day for nearly 12 months and cured my infestation during that time. The truth is, the larger the variety of foods you eat, the more foods you’ll probably become allergic to.

What about eating all those eggs, will you develop a problem by eating them so often?

Most of us on the forum have eaten eggs until we hoped to never see another one; as far as I know, no one has had a problem directly related to eggs unless they were allergic to them.