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dforbreakfast wrote: I’m primarily concerned with healing as quickly as possible, so I wasn’t sure if the sugar in blueberries would outweigh their anti-inflammatory benefits…

You won’t get rid of the inflammation until your gut begins to heal from the Candida overgrowth and then the leaky gut, and it makes no difference how many anti-inflammatory foods you put in your gut at this time; all the blueberries are going to do at this stage is give the Candida a treat of fructose.

If your budget is a problem, I would advise that you not purchase more grapefruit seed extract, curcumin, or freeze-dried garlic. And don’t waste your money on digestive enzymes because you’re already taking Swedish Digestive Bitters which is allowing your body to make its own enzymes. Instead of wasting your money on FOS AND a probiotic, you can take Megaflora probiotics which is a whole-food source of probiotics and therefore will provide food for the beneficial bacteria derived from the probiotic. You can start this when you run out of whatever probiotic you’re now taking. If you still have money left and want to buy something else, purchase some virgin coconut oil instead of the SF722; this not only will benefit the beneficial bacteria and kill the Candida, but it will also help with the inflammation and curing the leaky gut which is causing all of your allergies.

Are you drinking homemade kefir yet? If not, you should be. When you receive the new probiotic, you should take two and then one week later three 50-billion Megaflora probiotic capsules a day, of course this is as soon as you run out of whatever probiotic you have now, meanwhile, you could double up on those.

You should consider replacing hemp seeds with Spirulina as a protein source.

None of your ‘other problems’ will go away until you significantly lower the number of Candida albicans colonies in your gut, and the plan I just gave you will do that.