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cali wrote: I have been following the forum diet closely for about two months now… all except for drinking one cup of coffee daily. The reason why I am having a hard time with it is because first of all I LOVE coffee, but also I read (before I found this forum) several other Candida diets that allowed coffee, so I hoped that I would be able to get better while holding on to this one little cheat. However, I really don’t want to do anything that is going to keep me from healing. I wonder if there are others out there that struggled with this and how you were able to kick the habit. Did you see a big difference in your healing when you gave it up? Any tips for getting through the withdrawal symptoms? I just need some inspiration to give up this last vice! Thanks!

I stopped coffee before the diet as I was suspected for heart problems and having anxiety attacks which were embarrassing and scary and when my cardiologist said quit coffee I just did cold turkey. I used to have low blood pressure and would get headaches if I didn’t make it to the good quality coffee by 10am, but I am now convinced it’s all in your head. When my cardiologist said to get rid of coffee I quit right away and didn’t have a single headache. Once I started the diet and felt better I didn’t need it anyway as I wake up in the morning just feeling normal and awake. The fatigue should go away and with it the need for caffeine as well.

I do get nostalgic when I smell good coffee and boy am I glad I am not living in US at the time because if I smelled Starbucks I would probably fail pretty quickly.

I am coffee free since November of last year and don’t really miss it for the caffeine but perhaps the good taste as I really enjoyed my coffee before.

The decision is up to you. If you don’t see good progress with your diet, why not get rid of it to get better. Once you are well again, you can probably get away with small amounts of good coffee if you still crave it.

Good luck!