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I would be very wary of their products just like anything else. Costco sells kirkland organic olive oil, but is it the best and does it have high standards? Me and my wife argued about this a bunch yesterday and she feels that going with brands you trust is important, but what if you trust the junk brands? There is no way for us to make any determinations on the quality of a product other than our own opinion. The organic standards were reduced in the last few years and now a bunch of stores are carrying organic products.

One thing worth noting is that 75% of the food found at trader joes is not organic and it used to contain much much more organic products (like close to 100%). I stopped going to them because I couldn’t find anything organic when I went there and was violently upset to see this.

The best coconut oil I found is the Dr. Bonner’s brand coconut oil btw, and you have to pay for it.