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Ya I’ve used this supplement for over a year with very positive results. Keep in my that me and kjones are seeing the same naturopath who prescribed it and he has 20+ years treating candida and yeast infections.

Basically all you take is 6 tablets per day (between meals) which are quite small, maybe a little bit larger than the end of an eraser on a pencil. So the net amount of bad ingredients you are consuming is quite miniscule, maybe the equivilent to a few grains of sand for some of them. Standard process is the oldest vitamin manufacturer in the world and they have been making supplements for over 100 years! Food derived sources are best if you have nutritional/vitamin deficiencies because your body will be able to utilize the supplements easier vs. other vitamins.

A holistic approach to fighting candida involves addressing multiple organs at once and your adrenals are an important one for the immune system.

The main ingredients I would worry about include wheat germ, alfalfa, oat floar, mushroom, soybean lecithin, honey, and tocopherols (soy). The ingredients from animals are from specific organs of these animals which are more easily utilized for the same purpose by our body. So if we consume liver from a chicken, our body will use the liver to heal our liver because its similar molecules, etc.