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approximately_me;41494 wrote:

Well, you have my empathy. Since week 2 I haven’t seen much improvement either–though my die-off seems only to increase and I follow the protocol to the letter. The brain fog renders me totally useless. I get ridiculous die-off from taking anything and yet my symptoms or my thrush seem to go nowhere. I’m hoping the undenoic acid I ordered (which gets here today) will help tip the scales.

Also, my DHEA was really high too. I always meant to do some research to see if there was a connection between that and the candida. Honestly though, I’m assuming that it’ll right itself by treating the infestation. Also, just because the samples are in the normal doesn’t mean they’re in your normal, or perhaps they got you on a ‘normal’ day. Either way, you know your body. What I’ve learned from this whole mess is to stop listening to the doctors who tell me I’m perfectly fine when I know I’m not and how to start really listening to my own body. It knows what’s going on and it lets you know if you listen.

Stay strong.

Thanks, AM. It’s nice to know that others are going through similar experiences. Just when I think I might be making progress, something sets me back. I think this time it might have been fairly severe emotional distress. All last week I felt everything had just been building and building until it finally came out and I was just a bit of a wreck. I’m slowly recovering from that now but stabilising feels like a slow process. I know my body has had too much as my tonsils and adenoids are nice and toxic/swollen again.

Honestly I don’t think adrenal fatigue does describe me. I don’t have insomnia (other than these past few nights) and actually getting up and out of bed on waking is one thing I can do fine. Having said that, obviously I should continue to support my entire system through rest and relaxation in the same way that I would if I was trying to focus on healing my adrenals.

Onwards and upwards, as they say.