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Cheesey;41489 wrote: Thanks for the input! I’ve had an adrenal stress profile done via multiple saliva samples taken at specific points throughout the day. Though none of the results were ‘ideal’, all but one were in the normal range. The one that wasn’t in the normal range was only just out. What I actually found was that my DHEA was elevated. I’m not too sure what that means, to be honest, as I haven’t had the follow up appointment with my ND yet. However it doesn’t look like adrenals are playing much of a role. Or, at least, we certainly can’t account for my level of fatigue using the sole explanation of adrenals.

I think I’m just reaching a certain degree of frustration here. At no point have I felt like my candida is anything like anyone else’s. The only stomach issues I’ve had in my life have been generally fleeting or in the first 2 weeks of the candida diet. Other than that, I can generally eat what I want without my stomach complaining. Its the fatigue, my throat swelling, feeling spaced out and anxiety that will tell me I’ve done something wrong. Moreover, I’ve now got this other ‘tired but wired’ symptom that doesn’t really seem to echo anyone else’s experience on the diet. I keep reading things on the internet about how ‘die-off will be over in 2 weeks at most’ etc., but I’ve been feeling like shit for 13 weeks now. At least before I started this diet I could ride my bike, go running and see my friends properly. A good day now is managing to walk more than a mile and then have enough energy to stay out of bed for the rest of the day. I have seen improvement, but only relative to the first couple of weeks of the diet. Other than that I am still well below my level of pre-diet function.

I’d be so much more secure and comfortable in my current state if I knew what I was doing was ultimately going to be effective, or if there wasn’t swathes of contradictory and largely speculatory information about every possible aspect of human health out there.

Well, you have my empathy. Since week 2 I haven’t seen much improvement either–though my die-off seems only to increase and I follow the protocol to the letter. The brain fog renders me totally useless. I get ridiculous die-off from taking anything and yet my symptoms or my thrush seem to go nowhere. I’m hoping the undenoic acid I ordered (which gets here today) will help tip the scales.

Also, my DHEA was really high too. I always meant to do some research to see if there was a connection between that and the candida. Honestly though, I’m assuming that it’ll right itself by treating the infestation. Also, just because the samples are in the normal doesn’t mean they’re in your normal, or perhaps they got you on a ‘normal’ day. Either way, you know your body. What I’ve learned from this whole mess is to stop listening to the doctors who tell me I’m perfectly fine when I know I’m not and how to start really listening to my own body. It knows what’s going on and it lets you know if you listen.

Stay strong.