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Tom1989;32678 wrote: Hi everyone,

I am looking for some tips on how people cope with the overwhelming feeling of deprivation that can result from the food restriction of a typical candida diet.

I would really like to hear what ways people have used to SUCCESSFULLY stick on the candida diet.

Many Thanks,


These are my tips:

Make your food look beautiful
It might sound a little bit silly, but I enjoy my food more if it looks nice. I make my oat bran porridge look like a fancy restaurant meal, and I eat it slowly – I try to make an enjoyable experience out of every meal. That way I’m more satisfied and don’t feel the need for sugary cravings.

Make desserts from allowed foods list
My favorite is avocado-kefir smoothie with pure vanilla extract. I also like to sprinkle my kefir with cinnamon, that way it turns into a dessert.
Or eat a slice of coconut bread topped with coconut oil and cinnamon after your lunch. It’ll feel as if you had a cake, and you won’t feel the need for the real sweets.

Indulge yourself
Maybe it’s not the best advice, but sometimes I like to make bigger portions of the food I love. For instance, vegetables baked in the oven, it’s my favorite, and during the weekends I kill myself with it 🙂 Because I know I can lay down after the lunch, I eat more then I really can, if you know what I mean 🙂 And because it’s all allowed, I can’t feel guilty.

Be creative
I’m always in search for new recipes, and when I have time, I like to experiment. Sometimes it turns out ok, sometimes not, but it’s good to try something new (by new I mean under the boundaries of the allowed foods list, but prepared in a new way). It’s easy to give up when you’re bored by the food you eat, but if you experiment a little bit with cooking, you can find pleasure in the new meals you discover.

Treat yourself with something nice each month
You can’t have chocolate, you can’t drink alcohol, but who says you can’t buy yourself something nice? Sure, this diet is financially overwhelming already, but I look at it this way: if I buy myself a new piece of clothing/jewellery/etc each month, I’ll feel more satisfied and the chances I try to cheat are smaller. You can also treat yourself with a day in the wellness, massage, manicure, short field trip or something of a kind.

Have a snack with you wherever you go
The chances you will cheat or give up are higher when you are hungry and there’s no allowed food around you. Always plan your meals, and when you go out, always have a snack with you. It can be coconut bread in a plastic box, kefir in a thermos bottle, salad in a little box…

At parties make sure your glass is always full
But with mineral water, of course ! 🙂 It’s hard when everyone is drinking and asking questions why aren’t you drinking with them too. Always bring mineral water with you to parties, and always hold a glass. That way you will stop the stupid questions of not drinking and at the same time you psychologically feel like you fit in.

Find new ways of hanging out
Since I’m on this diet, I don’t feel like partying all the time, and I can’t really go out to dinners and stuff, but I still like to socialize, so I must figure out a way to do it. Going to cinema, to the theatre, exhibitions, bowling, hiking, cycling etc. are all thing you can do without having to drink alcohol or eat something bad. Plan your socializing activities according to your diet, and don’t wait for your friends to call you, rather you invite them to activities so you make sure they are candida-friendly 🙂 You can also invite your friends or family to candida-friendly dinner that you made yourself to show them how tasty this food can be 🙂

Listen to your body
You must be aware you can’t have the same tempo that you had before the diet. If you’re tired, don’t go to that party, rather make yourself a nice dinner, watch a movie and go to sleep earlier. Sometimes I feel bad because I’m missing parties and yoga classes because I’m tired, but I realized it’s better to give my body a rest than push it.