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Yeah – I’m doing a trip to LA/Disneyland in a month and I originally told myself I’d be healed by then and eat whatever for the week, but it’s not really looking like that’s going to be the case. I will be staying at my cousin’s place, so I’m going to have access to a kitchen, but basically I was planning on taking a couple of loaves of coconut bread with me, and just making some big batches of soup and salads to take around with me while I’m there.

There is this AMAZING thermos from kleen kanteen that is super insulated and can keep liquids hot for up to 8 hours. I filled it with Bieler broth today for a long job I went to and it kept it hot for me until my break late in the day.

Obviously, this would be harder without access to a kitchen, but even if you had a place with a microwave/fridge, you could cook up a few things. Also, you can microwave eggs. It’s definitely not ideal, but it is doable.