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mark2;53558 wrote: Kiki,dont worry so much about liver damage,he is very young,looks like it a fungal infection and you should look at all jorge posting here and curezone,he is 99.9 right almost all the time ,doctors dont know too much about this illness.Want to hear about my story ,i was a very heathty man until i took those dealy antibiotics which nearly kill me ,I got a uti but burning and tingling in my penis never left,this is over 1 year now ,i went all over for help ,all my test was normal ,so doctor think i need mental help ,DO NOT PLAY WITH THIS DISEASE,it is no joke ,try to follow dv jorge posting and educate yourself,on intracelluar yeast infection you will need drugs to solve it.Ps the losger you wait the more hard to treat.Also the mercury thing is very controversial.hope this helps and may god help your son.


That really needs to be left up to the doctor. As I stated, pediatric cases are very different than adult cases. This can have many implications, not the least of which being possible large defects in the ability to detoxify certain things. Children with the same symptoms as adult counterparts generally wont need as rigorous a treatment regime because their body hasnt yet been run down by things that usually are a causal factor in adult illness. Usually, with children, it is due to something specific. In the end, it really needs to be left to an experienced doctor to make those types of decisions.