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mark2;54066 wrote: Immpossible ,i have read alot of stuff and yes i think you are right ,mercury and lead is affecting me,I am new in this battle ,i have spoken to a lot of sufferers and doctors ,who said i need to kill the yeast first then deal with heavy metal ,including margorie crandall who is my doctor who jorge knows her well,she just dont buy it.To be honest i dont know myself,sometime me my self have to take care of the mercury first who knows ,i am reponding well to jorge protocol,i hope I made this alive .I am also trying to educating my self from you guys.I have pain day and night ,jorge knows the pain,teribble pain,the red form of yeast.I also refer a girl to crandall who has mercury and took itra and fluconazole and lamasil for several months without the so call diet and cure .Some people are different.I am going for a 6 months straight with fluconazole and if no relief ,i have to take care of the mercury,also i have a friend in canada who is sick for 18 year did all the cheletion and what ever ,only the rx r helping him ,itraconazole and lamasil,trust me you dont want to hear his current protocol.So yes you r right mercury does play a part.Some doctors say no and some say yes.


Mark I have a question. Your friend who chelated, did she chelate according to the frequent low-dose method? If not, that is likely the reason why she didn’t get any better.

If you chelate by taking a high-dose of chelators infrequently (every other day, once a month, etc.) and are heavily poisoned you will almost certainly not get better, and may in fact become much worse.