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impossible;54476 wrote: Not surprised. If thats the only gene they tested, you can get ALOT more awesome data on the methylation cycle and much more with the raw data from a 23andme test for $99. It can help alot with supplementation and treatment, both with making progress and avoiding possible problems.

Dont forget, its a genetic thing, theres a good chance you and/or your husband could benefit from supplementation too. Alot of moms of autistic children implement some of those therapies and supplements for themselves and the rest of their families with a surprising amount of success.

Hey there!

Well it was worse than i thought. He has two copies of c677T. So here we go. Learning all we can about this stuff. In his case he has low homocysteine (2.6). We are going to order the 23andme test for all 4 of us(I have a daughter from a previous marriage) but we are wondering if it would be better to work with Dr. Yasko for my son and just order her test for him and the other for us. What would you do?

From what I read last night the supplementation the doc prescribed looks pretty adequate. It’s a good place to start anyway. Based on the Organic Acid Test and low Carbon Dioxide on blood labs, Doc says he’s dealing with Acidosis. Is this a common thing with methylation issues? Also, still testing positive for ANA; titer 1:80. Is this common with methylation or just another issue?

THANK YOU so much for your help!