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impossible;54962 wrote: I just reread your first posts, I think he is going to come back positive for an ACAT mutation. I would be surprised if he didnt. Me and Tdogg (I hope he still is anyways lol) are studying this one (or trying to anyways) in hopes of coming up with some of our own treatment possibilities, though there is limited info available. Acidosis is common with ACAT, as is cradle cap, greasy fatty stool, and sometimes bumpy skin.

What are his mood and behaviors like the last couple years?

Do you have any silver fillings?

I’m just seeing these responses from you. I never got an email. Anyway, Yes he definitely had cradle cap, it was yucky and thick. Don’t think so on the fatty stool but can’t say for sure. He does have KP and when he was a baby there was a time that his entire trunk was very bumpy. I slathered him in California Baby Calendula Cream until it finally when away! I had never seen anything like that before. The skin on my thighs have always been bumpy and I don’t sweat much. I thought it was a clogged pore issue.

I don’t have silver fillings, they were removed many years before he was born. However, I have more root canals than I care to count. :0( I have thought about metal testing for him. Problem is, with his methylation so screwed up, we couldn’t detox if we wanted to!!

Hard to say on mood, he’s always been had a contrary personality. But he can be the most loving sweetie pie to. He has plans to marry me when he gets older. 🙂 He does well in school and doesn’t have any emotional issues except for bossing us around. lol! However, having a tingling penis and pinky toes, itchy rashes and NOW and itchy butt probably makes him a little more irritable. I know it’s stressing me out for sure!