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dvjorge;56082 wrote: I have some questions for you.

Does he has intestinal issues ?? Does he react to any food or has known allergies ??

There are two very important things here. We need to discover if he has a hidden intestinal yeast overgrowth causing the immune suppression that doesn’t allow the penis to heal.

One thing that helps is to know about a history of taking antibiotics repeatedly.

Candida persists on the mucosal tissue when the immune system and the antagonistic bacterial flora aren’t controlling it.

There are minor intrinsic immune defects that causes it. However, most cases are caused by an acquired immune problem sometimes caused by the intestinal yeast overgrowth, sometimes caused by immune suppressors such as mercury, sometime both.

If he has an intestinal yeast overgrowth, it has to be eliminated to cure a persistent intracellular candidiasis. Yeast in the intestines manipulate the immune system suppressing cell-mediated immunity. It means the same organism is what causes the immune suppression one time it growths in the intestines. There are also underlying factors causing it in some cases.

I think any Allergist can test him for Delayed Hypersentivity on skin. This is the most important test in my opinion since it will tell you if he react to the antigen or not. If there isn’t reaction, it means the immune system is paralyzed. We expect a reaction to the antigen, an immune response against the offender.

I will check the immune complexes test to see the acceptable ranges.


Jorge, Yes he does have food allergies and on a previous test in July last year his overall IgE was 259 (should be <90 ). His Eosinophils at that time were 16% but recently were down to 10% (possibly removing gluten and adding more probiotics). So basically his immune system is overactive. We have a very solid diet and avoid all known allergens (dairy, soy, peanut, tree nut and gluten). He doesn't eat fast food, food colorings, candies, soda, etc, etc. He eats what I cook which is organic, non-gmo, grass fed beef, uncured meats, etc. etc. Fruit is the biggest obstacle. Stick mostly to apples and berries.

He does not seem to have major intestinal issues like cramping, constipation, diarreah, etc. However, he does have gas and obviously gut issues because of all of the food allergies. He doesn’t get white patches on skin or mouth or tongue. Its really hard to say if its yeast but what else could be causing such irritation at the tip of his penis but something in the genital tract. Then again all tests come back no yeast except for one test last year by Diagnos-tech that reported “yeast-many” under the Ova & Parasites, x3 (stool) section of the test results. Do you think kidney stones could be causing sensitivity in the genital tract?

He did have antibiotics i believe 2 or 3 times but years apart. The last time when he was 3.5 years old and had Strep. The onset of the penis issue and the mouth ulcers that he had for 6 weeks happened shortly after his 5th birthday. Which was about 5 weeks after he had Roseola. I initially thought that the mouth ulcers were a result of having Motrin. With Roseola he had high fever for a week and for a couple days I was alternating between Tylenol and Motrin. After reading the horrible effects of Motrin, he has never had it again. Not that Tylenol is great either but seems to be the lesser of two evils.

Regarding the strep and antibiotics usage, on his GI Effects test the “Predominant Bacteria” report is hard to understand but the one thing I noticed is that the Streptomyces spp. is much higher than the rest. Wondered if this was related to antibiotic usage or something.