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Hello, Becca.

NewDay wrote: So I know there is no such thing as a timeline but what indicators should we be looking for to know when we should stop taking antifungals, when we can move into phase 2

You should be basically symptom-free when you start the 2nd phase of the treatment. But you should definitely remain on kefir, Greek yogurt, and especially a good, high count of probiotics.

and then when we can start adding our usual foods back in slowly but surely, including natural sugars such as milk.

If you’re completely symptom-free for a total of three months, it would probably be safe to ‘very slowly’ start adding a few regular foods such as one very –small– piece of your wedding cake. But if you wish to be Candida free by July, you will need to remain faithfully on the diet and treatment during the meantime.

When you first start eating foods that are known to feed the Candida, this is the most dangerous time for restarting the infestation and allowing it to bloom to its full force again; this is why it’s so important to introduce only a bite or two at a time and watch very carefully for any sign of the Candida returning.