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Brown rice has caused me to have dry lips so I’ve dropped it from the diet.

A lot of people want to believe that brown rice is safe because it’s called “brown” and considered a health food, but they couldn’t be more wrong, and you’ve discovered why it isn’t on the allowed foods list, even as a phase 2 item.

You’re right, it does contain too many carbohydrates for the diet, but worse is that even though it’s usually referred to as a health food, it’s still a starch which will feed the Candida under any circumstance. The idea of the diet is to avoid all foods that are known to do this, and not to find one that feeds the Candida but referred to as “healthy.”

As far as whether or not a food is workable for the diet, you can usually judge that by its glycemic index. The glycemic index of brown rice is 55 which is almost equivalent to long-grain white rice. A boiled potato has a glycemic of approximately 56, so logically, if you’re going to eat brown rice on the diet, you may as well go ahead and add boiled potatoes to your diet as well.

I will start the SF722 from tomorrow, and will also up my vitamin C intake. I’ll also start taking a tsp of coconut oil after meals like you said.

You want to start either the SF722 or coconut oil tomorrow, and then wait at least 4 or 5 days before starting the other. However, you can increase the vitamin C right away.

Is it OK to take all of these anti-fungals and vitamins at the same time? Or should I take them at different intervals?

You’ll probably have to take some of the doses at the same time because of the amounts, but spread them out during the day as much as you can, especially the antifungals.

I guess now I’m just wondering what I need to re-order as I’m about to run out of things.

Are you taking Molybdenum? You’ll need it when you increase some of the antifungals and add the SF722. Also, remember that you’ll need to try and find a probiotic containing the DDS-1 strain.