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Thanks for your response Able.

To answer your questions:

My symptoms now mostly consist of a slight, occasionally itchy rash around my stomach, though it’s not as bad as it was. I sometimes still get a little mild indigestion, but once again, not as extreme as before. I no longer feel nauseous, dizzy, or suffer from constipation. Occasionally get dry mouth or dry lips. Brown rice has caused me to have dry lips so I’ve dropped it from the diet. Too many carbs I presume or the candida has adapted to it.

The probiotic I take is Renew Life’s Ultimate Flora Critical Colon BifidoMax. On the expensive side so I take one a day every evening. I’m not able to get hold of Megaflora.

I will start the SF722 from tomorrow, and will also up my vitamin C intake. I’ll also start taking a tsp of coconut oil after meals like you said. Is it OK to take all of these anti-fungals and vitamins at the same time? Or should I take them at different intervals?

I guess now I’m just wondering what I need to re-order as I’m about to run out of things.