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How long should one be taking anti-fungals for? Until we get past stage 1 of the diet/all symptoms are gone?

The time really depends on your progress. As soon as the symptoms are at a bare minimum, it’s normally safe to start lowering the dose of each, one at a time.
What are your symptoms now compared to what they were 2 months ago?

I’m currently taking one caprylic acid tablet 3 times a day after meals, a garlic tab twice a day after meals, around 6-10 drops of oregano oil, roughly two tablespoons of organic coconut oil in my cooking per day, and grapefruit seed extract which I rotate with the oregano oil every two weeks just for a change.

I have my doubts that Caprylic acid capsules have much of an impact on the treatment as a whole. But coconut oil contains pure Caprylic acid so that’s another matter. It sounds like you’re not taking the coconut oil as a supplement. You might want to consider this; what I’m talking about is perhaps a teaspoon full with every meal for about three days, and then raise it to 2 teaspoons after each meal. It isn’t unusual for people to take 9 to 15 teaspoonfuls a day during the treatment. You don’t have to take a break from this and shouldn’t in fact, Candida are unable to adapt to coconut oil.

I also take one vitamin C Vcap in the morning and try to drink lemon water once or twice a day.

I would raise this to 1000 mg three times a day. It’ll help to keep the aldehyde toxins washed from your body.

Should I be increasing the dosage of anti-fungals, or using other anti-fungals for a change?

The Candida can easily adapt to grapefruit seed extract, so I would take a long break from that.

I ordered and finally received SF722 undecenoic acid caps, which I aim to start taking next week. Should I take these alongside the other anti-fungals or should I drop one of the others in favor of this one?

You could replace the grapefruit seed extract with the SF22. Continue the others and increase the coconut oil as I mentioned.

I also take a 14-strain, 80 billion count probiotic every evening just before bed, and have started making yogourmet kefir yoghurt.

What’s the brand name of the probiotic, and how long have you been taking it?