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This was about the same level I started out too…very low. I could even feel the 20% iodine (from the testing kit) go into my bloodstream I was so deficient (it supposedly absorbs really good in your skin)!

This is a significant thing that contributed to you being compromised in the first place…I look at it as your shield that protects the body (the thyroid).

I have gotten mine up to 18 hours but I always absorb it when I go to sleep. I am up to 9-10 prolamine iodines per day (12 is maximum dose). So I am close to maxing out the doseage…

But I felt amazing after the first week of supplementing with iodine and every week thereafter. Eventually some of your symptoms will lift too. You’ll get a few new ones such as sore neck (behind thyroid), achy body, achy joints, etc. Its only temporary.

If you filled out his questionnaire differently he would’ve looked at this first. Basically you needed to say you had cold hands/feet.