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cesto;45240 wrote: good points. ive been so strict on this diet that sometimes i feel like i would need to cheat to keep proper nutrition for my body (i’ve lost a lot of weight). having addressed cheating…if you were to have a cheat day after all these weeks…perhaps letting lose and eating pizza or even a night out with the friends for some drinks. could that undo everything?

i feel so paranoid about some foods that i’m almost afraid to eat anything these days in fear of losing the progress i’ve obtained

I know how you feel about losing weight. I’ve always been a little overweight for the past 10 years since out of high school and even though I worked out prior to this issue, I could never get where I wanted to be. (Bare in mind I didn’t eat all that great, I worked out a lot but I also ate whatever I wanted)

I was never fat by any means but would of been happier in a 34-36 pant than the 38 I almost always am.

Since being on the diet and trying to conquer candida, I haven’t worked out at all but I have lost an immense amount of weight in a short period of time. Probably somewhere around 30 pounds in 9 weeks. That I attribute to better eating and cutting out sugar and carbs.

If you are taking a lot of VCO like me then you should know that coconut oil has been long used as a weight loss supplement for people. It helps to regulate thyroid glands and speed up metabolism to burn fat better. The list of things it does to improve your health is so long that it would probably rival the list of candida ailments.

But there is also a negative side to losing weight too especially if you are already thin and you do not want to lose weight. Candida stops the body from absorbing nutrients as well.