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Hey, I’ve totally been where you are currently. Can you be more specific with you’re diet? Any supplements?

I don’t care what anybody else says, THRUSH is highly contagious. It sounds like you are passing thrush back and forth sexually. You’re husband needs to be tested for thrush/candida. But if you suspect he already has it which he most likely does then he needs to get on a strict diet with you. This is a very informative site with lots of informative and helpful folks. There are tons of candida diets out there but compare you’re diet to one of those and see what needs to be modified. Thrush is extremely hard to get rid of. That’s why both of you will need to work together. And yes, most doctors are crazy to not believe thrush/candida does not exist. But even some naturopaths are clueless too. The best way to find out if you have candida in the blood is to get a thorough blood test done. Ask to be referred to a hematologist.