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I recently started making kombucha again after not feeding my ‘mother’ for about six months.. my plan was to feed the kombucha it to my family and friends so I could keep the scoby happy and healthy but alas I couldn’t resist the bubbly goodness and I have been drinking a little bit each day after meals. I know of people who would only drink 1/4 cup a day just to get the health benefits, and to me it seems like the amount of sugar in such a small serving is not going to harm you more than eating some cabbage. Also, if you’re making your own you can easily allow it to ferment long enough so there are hardly any sugars left. I have not had any reactions (although I do have a hard time pin-pointing reactions from anything other than carbohydrates), and after I drink it I still get the good ol’ feeling of well-being that I always get after consuming anything fermented.

On a slightly different topic, but still regarding ferments, I have been experimenting with making dosa/idli batter, which is fermented rice and lentils. After eating a few ‘pancakes’ I had zero reactions. I’ve also read that lentils contain a high concentration of molybdenum. Once again, I should mention I am not following the forum’s stricter diet. I eat beans! (gasp!) And they cause me no discomfort. Anyways, right now I’m waiting for an experimental batch of dosa batter to rise. Instead of rice and lentils I used pigeon peas and lentils (high carb foods really get me down). I should know whether my combination works by tomorrow evening at the latest if anyone is interested in the results!