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Deep1111;51009 wrote: Impossible. I would like to improve my methylation cycle. Where would I start from? Is the methylation test from 23andme useful? I think I won’t be able to interpret the test result. I don’t know any good doctor who can help me with that. I am in toronto canada. As I mentioned before, I am still doing AC chelation.

Your help would be appreciated.


A 23andme test is a very good place to start and because of the dynamics of the process and all the different genes involved, imo no one should supplement with methyl supplements without those results. If you would like, I could do an initial interpretation and give you a basic idea of whats going on with you and recommend a general path, including things to avoid, look out for, and ideas to treat that your doc might not know about. As far as a doc I’ll see if I can find someone that looks good. I personally wouldnt make an appt until I had the results, you might not need it.