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Floggi;50615 wrote:
I have a different opinion than you. That does not make me a crusader. If it would, then I would have equal rights to call you are on a crusade trying to spread the belief that complaint X “must” be caused by mercury.

Similarly, your call for me to get educated is a call to only look at a scarist’s viewpoint. I refuse that. I do look at the scarist’s viewpoint, but I also look at the scientific knowledge. I invite you to do the same and to get educated.

On a side note, you’ve only gone on a detour. You have not addressed anything of what I wrote. That’s another difference between you and me: I have addressed everything you wrote. I invite you to show the same politeness.

Sorry for calling you a crusader; that was my mistake. I think it would be better if we both left any inflammatory language out of any debate we may have.

I don’t think you are correct in calling Cutler a scarist. I think he is just trying to help people, but my question stands. Have you read both of Cutler’s books front to back?

Also, would you mind addressing the last point I brought up regarding the difference in patient outcomes resulting from proper/improper DMPS use? I don’t think the placebo argument works here.