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That’s a nice description of the theory.

It would be very nice if these theories were true. Unfortunately, all tests that have ever been done indicated such theories to be wrong.

First, there is no single form of autism. The word autism covers a wide variety of related disorders. Even if the disorders are related, the causes are very different.

No-one has ever been able to show that autism can be cured by detoxification.

Autistic persons can learn to improve their skills and abilities. It’s hard, but it can be done – well, in most cases, not in all cases.

It’s comparable to you being able to learn a skill that’s totally out of reach now. Like ropewalking. You probably can’t do that now. You probably think you won’t ever be able to walk a tightrope. But if you train very, very much, and if professionals guide you with their focused attention, then you can learn to ropewalk.

Autistic persons can improve in much the same way. Of course, one may administer some useless treatment like chelation, and they will still improve – but that’s solely due to the training and to the attention, not to the chelation.

Like you learning to ropewalk. You may combine your ropewalking training with chelation. Even if you do so, you will still be able to master the skill of ropewalking.

But saying that you can now ropewalk because of the chelation is downright misleading.