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Some good readin for ya. Ignore the part on avoiding the methyl supplements in the cbs article, mthfr and mtrr are definately the priority. Most people are taking molybdenum and yucca root for the cbs upregulation. I suspect you are suox too. For methylfolate, everybody seems to like metafolin and for mb12, a little “study” over at phoenixrising showed that enzymatic therapy chewables (used sublingually) were the best by far. Meaning some people were having problems with all other brands except that one. Jarrow was good, but changed something and people started having bad reactions to it. Like i said, start slow, some people can only tolerate wetting the tip of a toothpick and dipping it in methylfolate on startup. Kill inflammation first. Read Dr Lynchs page on side effects and niacin. If you’re on phoenixrising, follow Rich VanK and caldonia, valentin i guess, ignore freddd. If I think of anything else I’ll let you know.