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impossible;50519 wrote: Obviously you are interested in the area of mercury toxicity/chelation. I thought you would find this interesting. Its a power point (idk where the audio is) done by Dr. Amy Yasko, who is at the forefront of autism recovery research and treatment (if you were not aware), that includes the case study of an autistic boy. It shows the results of provoked urine test both before and after customized methylation supplementation.

Very interesting information! I appreciate it.

I’ve heard Dr. Yasko’s name enough now to where I’ve decided to read through her Autism: Pathways to Recovery book in the hopes that I can get a better grasp on methylation.

It’s kinda worrisome though, that no mercury was being excreted in the earlier tests before the kid had started the methylation supplements. That leads me to speculate that for some, without the correct supplements started beforehand, chelators might only mobilize the mercury inside the body without any excretion. A scary thought!