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Floggi;50582 wrote:
You’re attacking the messenger while ignoring the message.

Thanks! In doing so, you merely underline the strength of the message.

Floggi it seems as though you have some type of crusade against those speaking out against mercury toxicity. I’m not sure how you can feel so strongly the way you do, but I would strongly encourage you to become more educated about the topic before dismissing it so quickly.

Have you read both of Andy Cutler’s books regarding mercury toxicity? Are you familiar with the overwhelming anecdotal evidence of people’s improvement in health after following a proper chelation protocol. On the other hand, are you aware of sites like where there are numerous reports of people using DMPS incorrectly and suffering terrible health consequences. Surely if it was all placebo like you claim, the manner in which you administered DMPS wouldn’t make a difference in the outcomes.